The Workshop system for creative focuses on long-term settlement for offline experience and nature-returning study, so as to inspire personal aptitude and cultivate artistic literacy.

Modernity of human evolution is the result of the combination of visions, hands and brain, in which cultural creativity can develop useful things. However, digital technology has gradually simplified function of hands and visuals, losing the most natural vitality and diversified potentiality Especially for the growth process of the next generation, this is not a good trend.

With the gradual disappearance of nature under industrialization and urban expansion though, digital technology has provided a convince for information circulation. Our interest in learning is a new wave front for cultural and civic transformation in the new era, a harmonious tune for the development of natural ecology, humanities and application in science and technology. Focus on useful experience, here forms a cultural and creative workshop system to offer an advanced platform for global communication and cultural exchange.

Along the whole history of cultural evolution, this is an advanced alternation. Now most of the best in the world have been tested and applied in China, but domestic teaching materials generally lack practical references. Therefore, more empirical fieldwork is needed to balance between cultural vocabulary (art content) and industrial goodies (economy power) to balance ideas between quality and quantity.
At present, the convenience of digital tools has brought visual culture into another stage. The interpretation of its artworks and the application of science and technology are diverse and different. Through the combination of digital and art, new media art has sprung up in nature. Through the spread of digital technology, the metaverse grows its world, and visual art shows its capability to communicate as multiculturalism. Therefore, the training to do a good digital art can still play an important role in culture improvement for new generation.

The workshop system of creative is a high-end lab and learning platform, with art, culture memes and media technology as the main content, to carry out liberal art and find new ideas for contemporary human world. There are another 100 workshops in Beijing 798. You are welcome to participate and quest taste under the guidance of professional instructors.