The generation is changing, the society is progressing and the industry is upgrading. The new driving force most needed in the AI era is not real estate developers, middlemen who buy low and sell high, or large international agent factories, but creative industrial talents. It is called creative preneur in English. Do you want to know more about this emerging specialty?

According to scientific research reports, human beings can easily understand higher knowledge from the spiritual level when facing art. This experience method used to be a privilege of the aristocracy. In the contemporary free society, everyone can have access to art, but how much do you know about art? Especially in post developing countries, in order to present the OEM capital of advanced countries, the required manpower does not need artistic cognitive ability, so it is often ignored in growth education.

Now, after years of scientific demonstration by Professor Louis Wang, combined with the results of practice in New York, London, Paris and Taipei, it is now taught to people in the 21st century. It is a new opportunity for self-upgrading. It is suitable for people who want to enter the contemporary international to participate and experience higher art and value.。

The whole program is practiced in a pastoral environment, with a total of 8 levels and one certification, which can be used for level by level experience learning. Including enhancements from general to professional. Some practice and experience reports are also included. Enjoy life art and self-improvement, promote career development, and promote physical and mental health.


Systematically understand the knowledge of science, technology, art and economy in contemporary cultural and creative industry.
-Interact with international experts on the front line and get new inspiration.
-Further understand self potential and life aesthetics.
-You can experience the humanistic values of the contemporary world.
-You can also become a professional curator or creative industrialist.
If you pass the certification examination, you can participate in the professional faculty lineup of the Institute.

Great Beijing is the campus, the best bilingual learning environment and the practice place of life art. It is a research opportunity for friends with human potential development, advanced life and career. Welcome to refer to our concept of learning. Now apply to become a member, call or write to inquire, and get the registration profile from my profile. Each session is limited to six students. The research content includes field research and visits. It lasts 24 class hours and lasts for one quarter. You are welcome to participate actively..