Aptitude Development is a comceptual art in a framework of education that compose with Society Science,Multi-intelligent theory and invitational education. This is the core practice in our schooling works for new generation, especially on the age of globalization as well as multi-cultural renovation world.This research, started by Prof. Louis K Wang and curator Nana Bee, provides multicultural understanding in a vibe of ARTS. It is also a pratise to help individual self-upgrading. This is a bilingual program. Participators are encouraged to have HSK level 2 before enrollment.

By the concept of sustainability, the curriculum, including 14 x 2 hour courses, provides a high-quality study for people to catch up trending in contemporary world. It is the best choice for cross-culture and alternative studies relating to career as expat, health recovery, gender issues, family relations and experience gaining. It is the vital thing to develop inner peace for soul by getting art of life and taste of culture,. Do you want to know why? Welcome to iNGO and participate in the workshop system of communication art!

Taosidency ©

Taosidency© is based on a theme on pastoral lifestyle. Taosidency© promotes contents with Chinese characteristics carrying out cultural exchanges in a global perspective that creates synchronous global exchanges, online and offline. In the century of metaverse. In the new normal, cultural revival and duel-cycled economic development, Taosidency© provides a platform for seasones creatives and new generation with dreams to participate, working on the new economic system to grow up individual professional. Experience the significance of multiculturalism through contemporary art and international financial media system. Creative people are especially welcome to apply for an admission.

Rural Mix

Rural Mix is a form of contemporary art for life starting in China. It is jointly constructed by art educator Louis Wang and Chinese writer Nana Bee. It is a compulsory life credit in modern society with Chinese characteristics in the global context, including the concept of sustainable development, scientific review, civilized values, the way of nature, and artistic aesthetics. The pastoral or vibe provide a idyllic reference for the development of human civilization in the era of digital revolutiong. Pastoral art expresses an attitude towards post-modern life in the form of art, and carefully experiences the living world away from technology and materialization. It is an valuable mood for human nature. Providing systematic knowledge for cultural interpretation is the basis for people in RuralMix .

Idea & Creation

Workshop System for Creatives

With good tools, everyone can be an artist. Creative works happen from human beings. iNGO provide a fund for people in workshop to upgrade concepts and express imagination by filmmaking, photographing, painting, sculpturing. Workshop participants can add their creations to collective consciousness and discover their aptitude in career. There are open opportunities to talk with curious public about creative stories!

One World One Dream!

Quest & Discovery

iNGO’s academic programs are designed for advance people who want new idea,
through bilingual and culture-cross vibe.
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