We create platform, from Mainland China to the world, helping people of creative mind through A.R.T.S. to make dreams come true.Through the research programs, learning hearts will get assisted to solve their critical issues that matter to life. If one is not familiar with any of those, why not to make a movie, a painting, or any art forms and to present the puzzle to the world.

Luckily, there are workshops and seminars available for curious minds to dig into the rabbit hole.

The future is now, by all means! Let’s do earnestly to help metaverse from this small planet getting together and meeting the challenge from all aspect of humans live.

Evident proved, everyone can do some sort of artworks for recreation that presents individual characteristics differently, even after melting-pot and normalization. Modern folks have to establish themself for a status to live in pod for social identity, that gradually makes aptitude blocked away from the nature world. That’s really an unhealthy choice.

Due to the different composition of intelligence, the interpretation of information varies from person to person. Some are good at absorbing specific symbols, some are used to abstract information, and some can also sense the existence of super energy. These pluralism and differences may be simplified and one-sided in the development of society as a whole. For example, cramming standard education, in order to achieve specific economic development, Therefore, people are included in the established disciplines, qualified ones enter the production army, and unqualified ones are eliminated. Many people with different potentials, in order to conform to the learning law of this system, or distort or suppress their specialties in order to enter school, obtain employment and start a family, just like big feet wearing small shoes, cause many physical maladjustment, the so-called psychological problems arise, and the whole person is not happy, Or anesthetized by consumption desire, or plagued by illness.
The civilization of China has developed into its own system, but in the past century, the concept of development has fallen behind, so that there have been problems in the development of civilization. Therefore, we can learn from other first developed countries in the world, learn scientific knowledge, refer to the political system and social development experience. However, due to different cultural traditions, the overall development speed of the overall environment is too fast or too slow, and the transplanted values, For individuals in the society as a whole, if they do not sort out their personal characteristics, optimize their understanding ability, only understand the world from the mass media, and rely on the state machine to report in a balanced way in an assembly line, such a cultural impact will more or less produce some maladaptive phenomena and lead to a lost outlook on life.
The influence of digital science and technology has comprehensively transformed the evolution of human civilization. The dissemination of culture and social development have become globalization. We are in an era of a community of human destiny. The information of various values impacts everyone in the current society. For a pluralistic society, it is a decentralized value system, Exploring your potential early will be an indispensable learning experience.
With the rise of the useless theory of higher education in Europe and the United States, artificial intelligence will become the mainstream of future scientific knowledge education. The educational service platform constructed by international schools under the academic practice of Professor Louis Wang provides choice opportunities, takes art as the starting point of the internal exploration journey, and helps open everyone’s potential of the times. Through learning and practice, people who have been in the standard education environment can find the delicate and unique appreciation cells, accumulate happy conditions for their reunion, and the value and significance of their existence.

Interested students can apply for various courses offered by the international school. At present, three school series are planned. You can choose to settle in workshops for a long time or experience a series of courses for a short time. The characteristics of the courses we prepare are as follows:

Personal Development

Or family business will be of great help. In the natural ecology and international bilingual environment, it’s like going through the time tunnel and entering the “state of nature” called by the French philosopher Rousseau. It’s also like contacting nature in Tao Yuanming’s Pastoral environment, which is helpful to both body and mind. Nature can provide spiritual inspiration, experience the infinite imagination space that nature can provide, and carry out a life value-added journey of self-cultivation.。

Art for Life

Art is the crystallization of culture, the refinement of skills and the focus of the sensory world. Not everyone needs to become an artist, but everyone needs artistic cultivation. Especially in the AI society, people gradually lose the ability of sensibility and experiencing beauty. In the series of characteristic courses of the international school, in the experience and Inspiration of culture and art, find your perception of beauty, restart your elegant gene, let all kinds of art accompany your life and reshape your personal style. In addition, you can also use your leisure time to take your family to participate in the art courses we designed for you, improve your life taste, participate in art creation with your family, enhance parent-child relationship and create a better memory.

Multi Intelligent

The modern standard education and lifestyle have failed to find their own interests. The busy work pressure leads to the drift of life and the loss of dreams. Even with education and work, I still feel hesitant about life. I want to challenge myself again, ignite my enthusiasm for life and pursue my dreams, but I don’t know where to start. Then the multi Intelligence Development School of the international school can help you. Through the multi intelligence evaluation of professional teachers, we can discuss the undeveloped potential with you, find the dream factor hidden in your heart, create an exclusive course for you, accompany you to rekindle the fire of life and create a new path for yourself. Help to achieve self-set life goals and join the cultural melting pot of society more confidently without losing ID spirituality. Don’t hesitate, “multiple intelligences development school” is the best choice for you to move towards a new life.


In addition to going to work and school, leisure life is accompanied by computers and mobile phones. The sequelae of one finger Shengong is the gradual degradation of hand and brain function. Medical reports also pointed out that the combination of hand and brain can not only make children smarter and faster, but also reduce the risk of senile dementia. Therefore, the international school provides a variety of interesting workshop course series, from art furnishings and installations, creative photography, picture books, film art, new media, animation and creative film and television, all kinds of interesting and fun courses. Under the leadership of professional teachers, you can not only learn new knowledge, educate and enjoy, but also start to operate and complete your own works, Let you become a creative person among your friends and bring a full sense of achievement.