iNGO ACADEMY 2007~2022

This educational system, jointly founded by Prof. Louis K Wang, and curator Nana Bee, provides the cultivation of life in art through alternative thinking, helping people to find truth, goodness and beauty based on their aptitude, internally and externally.

The curriculum is held twice a year in spring and autumn, with 14 courses in each session with high-packed class system. It provides a high-quality experiencing vibe for people to catch trend of internationalization and modernization. It is the best choice for alternative studies, career development, health recovery, gender relations, family relations and home improvement.
To get the quality of life and taste of culture, you don’t need famous-branded bags or luxury cars. It is on growth of the soul. Do you want to know why? Welcome to iNGO and participate in this league!

Taosidency ©

Taosidency© is based on a theme of pastoral lifestyle. Taosidency© promotes contents with Chinese characteristics carrying out cultural exchanges in a global perspective that creates synchronous global exchanges, online and offline. In the century of metaverse. In the new normal, cultural revival and duel-cycled economic development, Taosidency© provides a platform for seasones creatives and new generation with dreams to participate, working on the new economic system to grow up individual professional. Experience the significance of multiculturalism through contemporary art and international financial media system. Creative people are especially welcome to apply for an admission.


Rural Mix is a form of contemporary art for life starting in China. It is jointly constructed by art educator Louis Wang and Chinese writer Nana Bee. It is a compulsory life credit in modern society with Chinese characteristics in the global context, including the concept of sustainable development, scientific review, civilized values, the way of nature, and artistic aesthetics. The pastoral or vibe provide a idyllic reference for the development of human civilization in the era of digital revolutiong. Pastoral art expresses an attitude towards post-modern life in the form of art, and carefully experiences the living world away from technology and materialization. It is an valuable mood for human nature. Providing systematic knowledge for cultural interpretation is the basis for people in RuralMix art.

Idea & Creation

Workshop System of Creative

In the future humans live in an world of artificial intelligence, everyone can be an artist. Because cultural and creative works happened only from human beings. Here iNGO would like to provide an offline workshop system to help people upgrading concepts and expanding world imagination by filmmaking, photographing, painting, sculpturing and public art in new media. Workshop participants can explore the beautiful realm of their inner soul and discover their inherent potential together with professional artists. There are also open exhibitions and opportunities to exchange ideas with curious publics!

HSK+ World

Quest & Discovery

iNGO’s academic programs are designed for advance people who want new idea,
through bilingual and culture-cross vibe.
If you re interested to participate for an inspiration,
you can make an appointment to consult with Professor Louis K Wang
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